There's something about the wind and the water that has mystified us for many generations. What is it? The sun on your face? The wind in your hair? The smell of moisture in the air? That perfect moment when it all comes together, and you feel yourself take a deep breath of fresh air...and the world melts away? Whatever it becomes for you, the members of Lynn Creek Yacht Club have discovered that sailing is not just a sport, it's a love...a passion...a lifestyle...a GETAWAY for each and every one of us. And everyone needs to getaway.

Whether you're looking for the relaxation of sunset cruising, the excitement of the sport of sailboat racing, or becoming part of a community of the friendliest people you'll ever meet, some of whom you'll call family, Joe Pool Lake can become that place you want to be...that place you call your getaway.

Come see what wondrous moments the sailing life has in store for you!